LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dogs off leads is a tragedy in waiting

HAS anyone else noticed that the amount of dogs not on leads is increasing.

People are walking their dogs with their leads around their necks instead of the dog.

That is as dopey as putting your bicycle helmet on the handle bars of you bike when you ride.

We already have a massive problem with out of control barking dogs and now we have out of control dogs off leads in public places.

What are we waiting for? Another tragic child mauling before something is done?

The council hase the responsibility to enforce the by-laws they themselves have created.

This means regular patrols. The fine is substantial so why is this allowed to happen?


Do you think dogs should be on leads at all times?

This poll ended on 13 August 2015.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

I know there are responsible dog owners out there and they get tainted with the same brush as irresponsible owners.

Even dogs in their own yards snarling and barking at people trying to use the foot path so people use the road to walk on risking their lives just to get away from threatening dogs.

This is nerve-racking to elderly and small children.

It should not be up to ratepayers to keep reporting these wrongful activities to council, it should be up to council to fix the problem.

I am a retiree and desire the peace and quiet Mackay once had.

I would like to see more people write to the Mercury if the above is a problem to them.

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