Firefighters are calling for support ahead of the election.
Firefighters are calling for support ahead of the election. David Nielsen

Yellow army fires up in bid for support

RURAL firefighters are calling on all political parties to commit to supporting the work of Queensland's yellow army.

Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland general manager Justin Choveaux has written to Labor, the LNP, One Nation and others urging them to announce their support for volunteer firefighters.

There are 1441 brigades with a total of 36,000 members across the state.

The association wants to see volunteers listed as fire service officers under Queensland Fire and Emergency Services legislation as an official acknowledgement of their work, and the roll-out of a Volunteer Respect Act to guarantee brigades are consulted about issues directly affecting them and to ensure they have enough resources to do their work.

Other policy outcomes the association would like to see are:

  • A commitment for the Emergency Management Fire and Rescue Levy to be distributed to brigades so they have a sustainable funding base;
  • Implementation of outcomes from the Malone Review into the Rural Fire Service Queensland;
  • A clear, legislative workable definition of the legal status of brigades.

"No matter if your political colour is red, green, blue, orange or maroon, community defence is a shared responsibility," Mr Choveaux said.

"The RFBAQ has written to all the registered political parties in Queensland offering to support them in developing a platform to support the brigades and volunteers that defend 93% of Queensland." - NewsRegional

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