Gladstone Court House, Yarroon Street.

Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer
Gladstone Court House, Yarroon Street. Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer Brenda Strong GLA281013CORT

Wrong name, wrong plate, bourbon-drinking driver jailed

BUSTED. There was simply no where to go for disqualified driver Brendon Jarvis when nabbed by Gladstone police seated behind the wheel of his car a bourbon in his hand.

But Jarvis, 30, tried to avoid his inevitable arrest by giving officers a false name.

However, prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens said a computer check revealed there was no such person in Queensland.

Appearing in custody before Gladstone Magistrates Court via video link, Jarvis, a fabricator, pleaded guilty to a series of bail breaches at Gympie during May; failing to give his correct name to police in Gladstone; driving disqualified on April 14; driving a vehicle that was unregistered and uninsured; and displaying a number plate that was issued to another vehicle.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens said Jarvis had seven drive disqualified offences on his history and been sentenced to jail terms for five of them.

He also had five priors for unlicensed driving.

Sgt Stevens said when asked why he gave a false name, Jarvis replied that he knew he was wanted on warrant and did not want to get caught.

Sgt Stevens said Jarvis had been caught driving just after midnight on April 14 and knew he was disqualified. Checks revealed his car was unregistered and the attached plates were off another vehicle.

Released on bail he failed to appear before a Gympie court on June 2.

Jarvis was arrested in Gladstone on June 8 when he gave police a false name.

Court heard he had apparently moved to Gladstone to get away from trouble and is a father to seven children.

Jarvis was sentenced to nine months jail and ordered to serve three months. With time served he will be released in September.

He was fined $600 for the bail breaches and loses his licence for three years.

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