Woman's brilliant response to Dani Mathers fat shaming

DANI Mathers - a Playboy Playmate - drew the scorn of the internet last week when she posted a photo of a woman showering at the gym with the caption "If I can't unsee this, you can't either."

The now deleted post has cost Mathers her job and her gym membership and launched a police investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Although she has sinced apologised, Mathers' vile post will not be lived down. One woman has reacted to her brilliantly in a poignant Facebook post.

To Mathers, she writes: "By now, most of my friends have seen that you posted a picture of a naked woman showering at your gym with the caption "If I can't unsee this then you can't either".

Dani Mathers' original post with the caption,
Dani Mathers' original post with the caption, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either".

"About a month ago, I was changing to work out, I slipped my scrubs off without taking my shoes off, and as I stood there in shoes, undies and a headband, I caught my husband taking my picture so I posed playfully due to the obvious absurdity of it all. Later, I saw the picture and begged him to delete it, I hated it, all I saw was lumps and bumps. He simply smiled and softly said "I think it's beautiful". So I let him keep it."

Here's the deal- you may have been a Playboy model but not all of us work out to be "hot", some of us work out simply to honor the bodies we were given. That's all that woman was trying to do and you violated her. Shame on you. I bet I could get 100s of women to post their beautiful bodies and regardless of size, shape or color, they will ALL be more beautiful than the ugliness you showed in that post.

So, ‪#‎DaniMathers‬, I'd like to introduce you to my 5'10", 194lb lumpy, bumpy glory.

High five, girl.

- NZ Herald

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