Woman pawns laptop she was supposed to repair

A 30-YEAR-OLD woman pawned a computer she had been given to repair because she needed rent money.

Kristy-Lee Rose Coleman from Gatton had offered to fix the laptop of a friend who had been having problems with his email system.

Instead, Coleman took the computer to a Cash Converters in Toowoomba and pawned it.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court this week, she pleaded guilty to charges of stealing and fraud.

Police prosecutor Brad Dick said Coleman told the police she had pawned the item as collateral for a loan on November 16.

Along with the laptop, Coleman also pawned several of her own computers.

She said she needed the money to pay her rent.

Defence lawyer Vince Knox said Coleman had been paying off the computers to Cash Converters.

Mr Knox said his client had owed $1020.

He said the stolen laptop had since been returned to its owner.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said by law pawnshops were required to record all details of products either pledged as a loan or offered for sale.

Ms Vasta said those details were then uploaded to police databases for cross checks.

She said if an item's serial number had been reported as stolen, the police would be made aware of it.

Coleman was convicted and fined $600.               

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