Woman killed, four others hurt in Texas shootings

One person has died and four others have been wounded following two separate shootings in downtown Austin, Texas.

Officials say a woman in her twenties has been pronounced dead at the scene.

Four other people have been wounded. Three of the injured have been transported to the University Medical Center Brackenridge, where they are receiving treatment.

However, a fourth victim declined treatment at the scene. Their injuries have been described as "serious but not life threatening".

Reports of gunfire emerged shortly after 2am local time.

It was initially thought that one incident had occurred with multiple shooters, amid confused and confliting reports. However, authorities say they believe two separate and unrelated incidents have occurred in close proximity.

A video posted online to social media by an eye witness appears to capture multiple gunshots being fired.

Both areas are now secure.

Eye witness Dorian Santiago told Sky News: "We heard five shots and then people started running crazy ... We don't hear any more shots ...The cops were running behind someone.

"There was a girl freaking out who was injured ... The other one was already on the floor - they were doing CPR to help her but it looked like she was already dead."

Eye witnesses posted images to social media showing emergency services at the scenes.

In one video posted online, armed authorities appear to be stationed outside a shop, while crowds watch on.

Police have not yet confirmed if any arrests have been made and it is unclear if any of the perpetrators are in custody.

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