Will we really have to head back to the polls?

ANOTHER ELECTION? Pundits are divided on whether a speculated second election would see voters change their minds.
ANOTHER ELECTION? Pundits are divided on whether a speculated second election would see voters change their minds. Luke Mortimer

TAKING the nation back to the polls this year would have political professor Clive Bean predicting a different result in Federal Parliament.

With the quest to form government following Saturday's Federal election nearing a gridlock, some political pundits are warning another election may be held before the year is out.

The idea hinges on the assumption voters would change their mind the second time around.

Although QUT's Prof Bean doesn't think that would be the norm, he believes enough people would switch allegiance to result in a different outcome.

"There are so many ifs and maybes. But I suspect there would be enough people who would change to make a significant difference," Prof Bean said. While he couldn't predict which party was likely to gain the upper hand, he believes it would be influenced by a number of factors.


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Firstly, he believed "the decorum" with which each party leader conducted himself through the unprecedented situation would be noted by the public - and a negative perception may lead to even more votes to minor parties.

He also believed debate around Medicare would continue to sway political opinion. But he also thought the Coalition, in particular, would aim to avoid a second election, particularly if they secured marginal seats like Petrie and Capricornia.

"They would be concerned (that) if an election was held again soon they would lose those seats," he said.

In the next week or 10 days he believes the outcome of all seats will be finalised. At this stage he thinks it is pretty clear only the LNP will be able to form a minority or majority government.

Even a minority would be preferable to another election, he said.

But if, a few months down the track, the situation proved unworkable he said another election could very well be called, meaning the campaign circus would certainly fire up again.

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