Treasurer Joe Hockey
Treasurer Joe Hockey Lauren Reed

Why Joe Hockey's housing comments are so appalling

TREASURER Joe Hockey's comment about getting a better job to be able to afford a better house may be true in its simplicity.

But it shows an appalling lack of understanding of the housing affordability crisis throughout Australia.

The growing divide between real wages and house prices has been felt not only in Sydney but in regional areas across the country.

His comment comes just a month after revelations Mr Hockey had claimed more than $100,000 in taxpayers allowances to 'pay rent' to his wife for a home she owned in Canberra.

Mr Hockey was asked last month on the ABC's Q&A program whether he believed it was double dipping when politicians received a $270 a night living-away-from-home allowance, but spent the money on a house owned by their spouse.

"Did that go into the mortgage?"  host Tony Jones asked.

"Well, Tony, I don't know. I pay rent," Mr Hockey replied.

"You pay rent to your wife?" Jones asked.

"Is there a problem with that?''

Well there is if you're an average householder trying to come up with enough for a deposit for a home with a price tag of $500,000 or more, Treasurer.

And the suggestion that people should find a job that pays good money to afford a home is pretty hard to swallow when most of the jobs on offer pay the most basic of wages.

For people on minimal wages, just paying escalating rent, water and electricity bills, not to mention putting food on the table for the family, is a struggle.

Saving a deposit for a home is pipedream realised only by the well off or taxpayer-subsidised politicians on big packages.

Joe Hockey needs to get back in touch with the real world for a while. Perhaps the PM should banish him from Canberra for a few months and let him meet some real Aussie families again.


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