Gympie colder than Melbourne, and more is on the way

AS IF Mondays aren't hard enough.

The final month of winter came to Gympie in fine form, delivering a morning that felt like it was approaching freezing.

Official data from the Bureau of Meteorology reckons even though the temperature was about 4.9°C at 6.30am, it felt closer to 3.7°C.

Even Melbourne was having a balmy day by comparison, hitting 13.7°C at the same time.

It was enough for the BOM to warn there could be some "light frost" on our lawns today.

It has been a cold couple of days, with the temperature falling to 4.2°C (feeling like 2.9) on Sunday, but at least then most of us were able to stay in bed until the sun came out.

And while we're going to have warmer mornings tomorrow and Wednesday, don't put the jackets back into the cupboard just yet.

BOM predicts that while Tuesday will be a bit warmer (8-12°C overnight), on Wednesday the temperature will drop again (4-9°C overnight) before punishing us with early morning chills of between 3 - 7°C on Thursday.

For today though, the coolest part of the day is already over and BOM is predicting our maximum to hit the mid 20s.

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