SOAPBOX: Why I'm over charity months

WE'RE almost halfway through October and I'm still not sure what month it really is.

It seems the latest trend of charities and organisations is taking the name of our precious 10th month of the year, the jewel in spring's golden crown.

Poor little October has undergone more name changes recently than Prince, or the artist formerly known as Prince, or a symbol, whatever he's called.

While I understand some of these causes are important and raise vital awareness and funds for charities such as the Rett Syndrome Foundation, others have taken it a little too far.

Like the message many of us here at the Sunshine Coast Daily received in our email inboxes earlier this week, encouraging us to lock our doors for Lock-tober.

Surely we don't need a whole month reminding us to keep doing the only thing you have to do when leaving your house or car?

And a certain radio station in Brisbane has got in on the act, placing several tickets on itself and declaring the month as Oct-Nova.

At least Lock-tober rolls off the tongue!

So far in October we're supposed to listen to Nova, lock our doors and stay sober.

Sober? Again?

My alcohol system is still recovering from having too much blood in it during Dry July.

But the carnage won't end there.

Some of my mates, who haven't needed a razor in 25 years of life, are already sprinkling their faces with fertiliser and lying under the sprinkler in the sun.

Because November is just around the corner and it'll be time to sport our best moustaches and raise some money for men's health - a cause I'm willing to get behind.

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