WATCH: Gladstone 'criminal' rammed cops in runaway rampage

GLADSTONE "career criminal" Grant Lee Hawdon deliberately rammed a police car in Rockhampton then three days later in a bush stand-off along a goat track at Calliope, smashed into a Gladstone police 4WD when he tried to flee.

>>Man not fully clothed when he rammed police car in Calliope

He was driving a stolen rental car with false plates, and on parole for other offences.

Sentencing Judge David Reid in the District Court at Gladstone used another judge's words to again describe Hawdon, a drug user, as a career criminal.

>>VIDEO: Tasers pulled on man after ramming police car

Hawdon, 41, (also known as Sylvester) pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous operation of a car at Rockhampton on December 11, and at Calliope on December 14.

Judge Reid sentenced him to three years jail and set a parole eligibility date of May 15, 2017. However, the court heard that it would be up to the parole board to decide on his release.

Hawdon, a father of five, also pleaded guilty to over a dozen other offences including drug possession (ice); driving unlicensed - repeat offender; obstruct police; failing to stop for police; driving unregistered and uninsured; possession of an unlicensed weapon (shotgun) and ammunition.

Grant Lee Hawdon hwe as sentenced over two counts of dangerous operation of a car in Rockhampton and Calliope.
Grant Lee Hawdon hwe as sentenced over two counts of dangerous operation of a car in Rockhampton and Calliope. Campbell Gellie

In Crown facts Hawdon reversed a car into a police car at Rockhampton on December 11, the impact pushed it sideways 4m and despite being told to stop he accelerated away. The car was found abandoned.

Three days later Gladstone police received information about a woman seen trying to cover a Toyota Corolla with leaves on a bush track at Calliope.

Police saw a small tent nearby. A woman said her boyfriend (Hawdon) was asleep inside the car.
She got into the car and locked the door. Hawdon started the car and accelerated heavily but when he tried to get past the police Ford Territory it became wedged.

When he refused to get out police smashed a rear window. Hawdon lunged at an officer and in a struggle one officer pulled out a taser and he was arrested.

His girlfriend told police she had thrown his shotgun into bushes when she became fearful of Hawdon while he was coming down from drugs. Police said the shotgun was stolen.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Dennis said Hawdon has a blatant disregard for authority and the community needed to be protected.

Hawdon had gone before Queensland courts 24 times since a teenager, and sentenced to jail terms on 13 occasions.

Ms Dennis said he has never held a driving licence, and at the time been disqualified absolutely by the district court.

Ms Dennis said Hawdon was previously sentenced for a house burglary (a $200,00 jewellery robbery in Rockhampton).

She said the judge's description of him as a "career criminal" was a reflection of his past.

Defence barrister Tom Polley said Hawdon was on ice at the time.

"He says he was using a phenomenal amount, shooting up three times a day," Mr Polley said.

"Amphetamine and methylamphetamine have been a problem his entire adult life."
Mr Polley said Hawdon fled police as he was fearful of being sent back to prison.

Judge Reid said that in the last six years Hawdon had spent over four years in prison. He was released on parole a number of times but been returned because of drug breaches..

"You can see the danger you are to yourself and to society because of drugs," Judge Reid said.

"When you are off the drugs you are a different personality."

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