Usain Bolt celebrates as a cameraman follows him on a segway
Usain Bolt celebrates as a cameraman follows him on a segway

WATCH: Bolt wins 200m World Championship, then this happens

JUSTIN Galtin couldn't topple Usain Bolt at the World Athletics Championships, but a clumsy photographer on a Segway has.

After his dominant 200m triumph over Gatlin today, Bolt was accidentally knocked over a photographer during his victory lap at the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing.

Following Bolt on his Segway, the popular motorised scooter, the photographer just couldn't control himself, and ran straight into the back of Bolt.

Undeterred, Bolt got up, all smiles, and continued his traditional selfie-heavy lap of honour.



"He tried to kill me! It was like 'you are winning too much, take him out!'" he joked.

The rumour I'm trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off.

"I am fine, I have a few cuts but it's nothing I have never done to myself in training.  It wasn't as bad. I feel like Justin Gatlin had something to do with it!"

Gatlin, who had trailed in nearly two-tenths of a second behind Bolt, quipped, "I want my money back" - as Bolt confirmed he would be fit for the 4x100m relay.

In the 200m, Bolt beat two-time drug cheat Gatlin to secure the World Championship sprint double, after earlier defeating him in the 100m.

Bolt celebrates his 200m triumph Bolt celebrates his 200m triumph Gatlin, cast as athletics' number one villain, again stood in his way but once more failed to wrestle away gold as Bolt held strong down the home straight to win with a world-leading 19.56 seconds.

Bolt said after the win: "It's great, a fourth win over 200m and it means a lot to me".

"I'm happy to be a 10-time World Championships gold medallist, especially when people have been saying I would lose.

"For me I knew I had the utmost confidence.

"As long as my coach is confident I'm super confident.

"There was never a doubt that I would win this one. I'm number one."

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