VOTER OUTRAGE: 'Pauline Hanson left off ballot paper'

Throughout the campaign Pauline Hanson has frequently said,
Throughout the campaign Pauline Hanson has frequently said, "I'm not the party leader in Queensland" but that hasn't been enough to clear it up.

A VOTER was outraged after going down to the polling booth on Saturday only to find Pauline Hanson's name wasn't on the ballot paper.

The Riverview resident contacted the QT to voice his concerns, leaving a voicemail message saying "this needs to be aired".

"I've just been up to the polls to vote for One Nation and it appears they've left Pauline Hanson off the list," the voter said.

"So, residents in the Bundamba electorate cannot vote for Pauline Hanson.

"It is just unfortunate the person you want to vote for has been left off the list."

One Nation did not field a candidate in the Bundamba electorate which is why One Nation did not have a candidate on the ballot paper.

Labor's incumbent, longstanding MP Jo-Ann Miller is expected to win in a landslide.

The outraged voter said it was atrocious he could not vote for One Nation and appeared suspicious the lack of inclusion was intentional, on behalf of a stakeholder other than One Nation.

"This is atrocious the way they have left the candidate out of this electorate off the list," he said.

"I think this needs to aired.

"I am a really concerned ratepayer and resident."

In Brassall, at the Ipswich State High School, workers handing out how-to-vote cards said numerous voters declared "I'm voting for Pauline" as they headed into the booth.

In the lead up to the election voter confusion around the One Nation party and the role Pauline Hanson played has been obvious.

Throughout the campaign Ms Hanson has frequently said, "I'm not the party leader in Queensland", but that hasn't been enough to clear it up.

Political expert Dr Paul Williams has also heard the phrase "I'm voting for Pauline" from some voters who seemed unaware Pauline Hanson she wasn't a candidate in this election, and that a vote for One Nation wouldn't see the fiery red-head replace Annastacia Palaszczuk as Queensland's Premier.

The voter who rang the QT did refer to "the candidate" indicating he didn't expect to be voting directly for Pauline Hanson, but a party representative.

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