Using the experts can make finding the right job easier

Recruitment agencies work to align jobseekers with vacancies within the client organisations.
Recruitment agencies work to align jobseekers with vacancies within the client organisations. AdamGregor

IF YOU'RE starting out on your job search, you don't have to do it alone.

Enlisting the services of a recruitment agency can make finding the right role a much quicker and easier process, as you tap into the expert industry knowledge and network of contacts and opportunities that the agency has spent years developing.

For jobseekers, the benefits of working with an agency can be substantial.

The agency removes the need to repeatedly apply for jobs, and can provide exposure to opportunities available only through the agency.

Human resources expert and author of Australian Resumes for Dummies, Amanda McCarthy, said recruitment agencies exist to service the needs of their clients - the employers who hire them to fill a specific role within their organisation.

To do that, she said, the agencies work to align jobseekers with vacancies within the client organisations.

"Recruitment agencies provide support to candidates by matching their skills to suitable vacancies and marketing their resumes to clients," Ms McCarthy said.

"They provide detailed briefs to candidates on positions, offer pre-interview coaching and give feedback on resumes and interview performance. They maintain ongoing relationships with candidates by keeping in touch regularly."

While the process varies between agencies, typically the agency will require a copy of your resume and potentially other relevant paperwork.

"For temporary work, most agencies will ask for a copy of your resume," she said.

"Depending on the agency, if you have the right skill set you will then be invited to come in for an interview with a consultant.

"You may be asked to fill in paperwork consisting of bank account details, tax declarations, superannuation forms, privacy statements, employment contracts and personnel record cards.

"Be prepared for computerised skills-based tests, particularly if you are looking for work in administration."

Recruitment agencies are paid by the client company, so there should be no cost to the jobseeker - the agency gets paid for successfully filling vacancies, not adding jobseekers to its books.

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