Heartbreak: Gladstone thief stole letter of girl whose life she saved

A TRIP to Gladstone left UK resident Gemma Dale without a purse, personal identification and precious mementos she had held onto for years.

An opportunistic thief pinched her suitcase from her Goondoon St unit during a weekend stay, and they took her bag, purse and car keys.

FULL LETTER | 'I certainly won't be returning to Gladstone': Open letter to thief

She returned to her room on Saturday after a training day at the Gladstone TAFE to find her shoe lying on the ground.

After searching the grounds of the hotel, she found her suitcase tossed in the car park.

But it's what she didn't find that left her heartbroken.

"I lost all the important stuff - my UK and Queensland drivers' licences, all of my bank cards, my house key, my car key...," Ms Dale said.

"The wallet was given to me by a close friend, and it contained a thank-you card from a young girl who I prevented from committing suicide. Those things are irreplaceable."

The theft was not an isolated incident in Gladstone at the weekend, with the police kept busy with burglaries, street fights and drink drivers.

The police are searching for a stolen black Dodge Nitro which was taken from a home at Benaraby sometime on Saturday or Sunday.

In another incident, teens were spotted at the Kin Kora State Primary School at 11.30 at night.

Ms Dale, 30, said the brazen act had ruined her stay.

"I spent yesterday afternoon ... rummaging through trash cans," she said.

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