Man stole tools while their back was turned

A MAN seeking help with a broken down caravan took advantage of the staff member who was trying to help him by stealing when they weren't looking.

Ashley Ian Field pleaded guilty to stealing a cordless impact wrench pack that contained two lithium batteries and a charger from Neal's Filters and Bearings, in McEvoy St.

The Brighton man was passing through Warwick, when the caravan he was towing broke down.

The 26-year-old man visited the Warwick business at 8am on July 25 to find the parts he needed to repair the vehicle.

Field spoke with the store attendant before asking for the parts he needed.

The attendant, who went out the back to get those parts, told police he heard the store buzzer go off twice.

During that time, Field took the power tools and put them in his car.

He paid cash for the caravan parts and it was only after he left that the attendant noticed the goods missing.

At 10am, police pulled over Field as he was driving out of Warwick.

When questioned about the theft, he handed police the stolen goods, telling them what he did was "stupid and impulsive".

Magistrate Bevan Manthey acknowledged that Field gave back the tools and cooperated with police.

You'll get the benefit of having no history," he said.

Field was fined $200 and no conviction was recorded.

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