Tinder users hit by fake 'safe dating' app

Fake profile on Tinder Safe Dating website
Fake profile on Tinder Safe Dating website

TINDER users are being scammed by as much as $A160 a month through fake profile verification sites.

Spam bots initiate playful conversations before asking the user whether or not Tinder has verified their profile.

Unsuspecting singles are then led to verify themselves on a seemingly sister site of the application called 'Tinder Safe Dating'.

This then requires a 'secure age verification' in the form of credit card details, eliciting an approx. total of AUD$160/month.

Norton advises that users remember that there is no such thing as a 'Tinder Safe Dating' or verification website, and to not ignore the fine print on any website before signing up to its service.

Norton is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide updates on its blog should new information be available.

Tips to stay safe while online dating:

  • Avoid third-party websites: If someone from an online dating website asks you to visit a third-party website to sign up for a service, like a verified profile, it's most likely a scam. It's always a good idea to scrutinise links, especially from unknown or untrusted sources.
  • Share with care: If you can, make sure your username doesn't give away any identifying information, like your age or location, and always be careful about what you share in messages.
  • Use a VPN: When using Wi-Fi, one of the best ways to protect the data coming in and out of your phone - like messages on a dating app - is to use a Virtual Privacy Network (VPN) like Norton Wi-Fi Privacy.

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