This brave rape survivor has one wish

HEARING about the distressing experience from a rape survivor still sends shivers down my spine.

It is every woman's worst nightmare.

When a Fraser Coast mother reached out to share her story with us following the sentence of her rapist on Wednesday, I felt a rush of emotion for this poor woman.

I couldn't imagine going through what she did.

But by the end of our conversation I could tell this was all part of the healing process and I could see that sparkle in her eyes as she gets ready to step into a new chapter of her young life full of ambition to help others.

Despite the sickening and unconsented acts of a demented individual, she has shown to be one of the most resilient people I have ever met.

She has one wish.

For other rape survivors to be given a voice.  

While she has a long road ahead, I know this caring soul will be a stronger woman for it and her story may prevent others going through the same thing.

To think she was raped by a professional disgusts me the most.

I hope to follow her future aspirations and see the difference she makes in the lives of others who have also been through the horrific trauma we see too much of in our society.

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