Brandon Clay Hill was jailed for eight months for a brazen home invasion.
Brandon Clay Hill was jailed for eight months for a brazen home invasion. Molly Glassey

Home invasion teen attacks man in front of toddler

A FORMER Toowoomba teenager who carried out a terrifying home invasion in front of a four-year-old child has been sent to jail.

Brandon Clay Hill broke down in the Warwick District Court dock yesterday as Crown prosecutor Katrina Overell detailed the serious injuries a man and woman suffered at the hands of the then 18-year-old.

The court heard that on August 25, 2014, Hill entered the Guy St home and verbally abused the group in front of the pre-schooler.

Hill, who was friends with his victims, punched one of the men in the face.

The following night, Hill returned to the home wielding a metal pole.

Hill's barrister John Bailey said the pole was not brought by Hill but was located in the yard.

"It was opportunistic, not premeditated," he said.

Hill smashed the back door of the house with the pole, piercing holes in its mesh and partially wedging it open.

The woman went to the bathroom, and Hill followed from the outside of the home.

The court heard he threw the metal pole through the bathroom window louvres, which hit the woman in the stomach and injured her.

Hill's one-year-old toddler crawled around the courtroom as Judge Ian Dearden explained to the young father why his child should be the main motivator to stay out of trouble.

"At the end of the day, (your child) doesn't understand you've stuffed up in all these ways," Mr Dearden said.

"A child just wants a loving relationship with their dad.

"You've got to work out now how to be a father, and I can tell you, you don't get to be a father by sitting in prison."

Hill pleaded guilty to burglary with violence, attempted burglary and two counts of assault.

He was sentenced to three years jail but will be eligible to apply for parole on April 24 next year.

Mr Dearden warned the Warwick man jail was the last place a doting father wanted to be.

"You get the occasional visit, maybe a cuddle if you're lucky," Mr Dearden said.

"That's as much as you get."

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