BEN Jennings learnt this week that thieves don't like tarantulas.

The Kingaroy 18-year-old had a package stolen from his front doorstep last Wednesday, however unlike most stolen packages it was returned to his doorstep earlier this week.

Fascinated with reptiles and arachnids, Mr Jennings decided six months ago to begin collecting them as pets and now boasts a home with 23 scorpions, four snakes and seven tarantulas.

Mr Jennings said he had a sneaking suspicion it was the live tarantulas inside the package that acted as a deterrent.

"The size of (the package) makes it look like it could have an iPhone inside it or something," he said. "But it was actually my new pets I had ordered online."

Mr Jennings put the call out on Facebook on local buy, swap and sell groups and talked to local pet stores to keep an eye out.

He also confirmed with Australia Post that the package was delivered.

It was when his unusual story created an online buzz that the package was returned.

He had fears whoever had his package would kill the arachnids.

"I was worried they would just kill them or make them fight each other," he said

"I enjoy them because they're really misunderstood and people don't understand that they're beneficial for our environment."

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