Small earthquake recorded off Fraser Island

A 3.3 MAGNITUDE earthquake was recorded off Fraser Island this morning.

The small quake hit about 9.37 am, but was only felt within 31km of the epicentre which struck 120km east of the island. It is considered by geoscientists to be just an aftershock. 

Geosciences Australia's senior seismologist Mark Leonard told the Brisbane Times there were no reports of land tremors.

The quake follows three major earthquakes of magnitude 5.4, 5.3 and 5.1 that struck in late July and early August this year. 

Officially it is the fifteenth earthquake recorded in the area in the past two months.

Dr Leonard said the flurry of seismic activity in the same spot was due to the Australian continent drifting.

"Every part of the continent is being squeezed and as that sort of pressure builds up, it's released as an earthquake, that patch (near Fraser Island) is kind of Queensland's turn," he said.


"There is no obvious active fault there or anything like that."

There is no tsunami threat.

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