GoFundMe push to turn Hanson's fish shop into kebab joint

Pauline looking saucy as ever. NB In case you couldn't tell, this image has been digitally altered. Uploaded to the Halal Snack Packs Appreciation Society on Facebook.
Pauline looking saucy as ever. NB In case you couldn't tell, this image has been digitally altered. Uploaded to the Halal Snack Packs Appreciation Society on Facebook.

SOMEONE is trying to turn Pauline Hanson's old fish and shop into a kebab dispensary. And the likely-senator can expect a halal-certified ball gag in the mail.

The red-blooded political agitator looks certain to return to politics after 18 years in the wilderness, and she has no plans to repeat the mistakes that cost her a job last time around.

But that does not mean she has calmed down.

When Labor's Sam Dastyari offered to take her out for a halal snack pack - a delicious combination of halal meat on a bed of chips and molten cheese - Ms Hanson's reaction was predictably hostile.

"Not happening. Not interested in halal. Thank you, not interested in it," she responded with a sassy finger wave.

"Ninety-eight per cent of Australians don't want halal certification, so we'll sit down and we'll have a good talk about it."

Questionable statistics aside, the 7 News exchange has prompted one wise-guy to start a GoFundMe campaign to buy Ms Hanson's old Ipswich fish and chip shop into "either a kebab shop or a pop-up halal snack-pack store".

"I have no idea about how valuation is done for fish and chip shops so please feel free to suggest a price," campaign creator James Warne said.

So far the fundraising effort has solicited only $155 of its $100,000 target - so there is a fair way to go.

The current owners have also told media the store is not for sale.

Still, Mr Warne said he had enough money to buy the unregistered domain, so it might be a website to watch.

Ms Hanson's comments elicited plenty of responses from members of the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society group of Facebook, most condemning here as a "haram dingo" who would prefer tomato sauce over the holy trinity of garlic, chilli and barbecue condiments.

As a group with almost 150,000 members, it is surprising the HSPAS did not rally together to get its own candidate in the senate race (although Dastyari kind of touted himself as the group's sweetheart).

Now the creator of has also responded, offering to send Ms Hanson a "halal certified ball gag" to keep her comments in check.

Strange Politics last month reported on this sadomasochistic solution for battle-weary voters after the website began offering to send the bondage favourites to such outspoken politicians as Cory Bernardi and Peter Dutton.

More recently, an anonymous buyer sent a golden ball gag to US presidential hopeful Donald Trump on behalf of Australia with the accompanying message: "In those times when you want to speak openly, don't."

Snipe away as they may, it is now almost certain that Pauline Hanson will be back in Australia's political spotlight for at least another three years.

And she will no doubt have plenty to say. -ARM NEWSDESK

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