Teleah Maureen Kear has been jailed for committing fraud against her former employer to the tune of more than $90,000.
Teleah Maureen Kear has been jailed for committing fraud against her former employer to the tune of more than $90,000. Contributed

Serial fraudster mum stole more than $90,000 from employer

FOUR children will be motherless for nine months after their serial fraudster mum was jailed for stealing more than $90,000 from her employer.

Teleah Maureen Kear, 29, spent four years following her most recent fraud waiting for police to come knocking at her door and had a history of taking money from her employers between 2007 and 2011, a court heard.

In 2009 she faced the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on a range of offences - which included fraud as an employee - and was given a 120 hour community service order.

Just five months after the order expired, she was back at it again while working for bathroom and kitchen renovation company, Mac McConnell in Nerang on the Gold Coast.

Between October 2010 and September 2011, Kear transferred more than $42,000 from company bank accounts into her own.

She also used the company's money to buy a car worth $35,000 which was later repossessed and sold off at a loss of $18,000.

Although the court heard some of the money was used for "necessities", Kear also bought cosmetics, two tablet computers and a gaming console.

The matter was reported to police by Kear's boss in 2011 and a warrant was issued the following year, but police didn't find and arrest her until 2016.

Kear today pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court to two counts of fraud of more than $30,000, four counts of fraud and one count of attempted fraud.

The offences were aggravated by the fact Kear committed fraud against her employer.

Kear's mother, Tracy Maureen Denham, and partner were supporting her from the gallery and appeared upset throughout the proceedings.

Ms Denham gave evidence in court that her daughter was told by a lawyer at the time to not hand herself in, but wait for police to contact her.

Judge John Robertson commended Kear's efforts at rehabilitation and told the court he would refer the lawyer she spoke to to the Legal Services Commission for "unprofessional conduct".

While Kear's former fraud charges in 2009 were the result of methamphetamine use, Judge Robertson said the more recent charges showed some "sophistication" and suggested she was "reasonably high functioning" at the time.

Kear was ordered to serve a head sentence of four years in prison.

The term will be suspended, after she serves nine months, for an operational period of four years.

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