Rockhampton Mayor wants more specifics in northern plan

IF MAYOR Margaret Strelow were to give the Prime Minister's Northern Australia white paper a mark, it would not be an A.

While the Rockhampton Regional councillor welcomed the blueprint for northern Australia's economic future, she would like to see some of the region's projects costed and specifically mentioned.


QRC: North plan will address lacking infrastructure, skills

"It's delivery of projects that matters," Cr Strelow said.

"There is particular recognition of our opportunity for agriculture and recognition of the two water storage projects that make up the lower Fitzroy Infrastructure Project that is the construction of the Rookwood Weir and the upgrading of the Eden Bann Weir.

"Also, we shouldn't underestimate the importance of the resource sector development which is still occurring in the Galilee Basin and in the gas pipeline which will go past us. The road between Rockhampton and the Galilee Basin will be vital.

"Of course, we think that it has missed a few opportunities, particularly the opportunity for defence force staff to be located here, and we wait with interest with the release of the defence force paper later this year.

But she said the paper had also picked up on issues council had lobbied hard on and were dear to her and to others' hearts.

"I appreciate that these are very much about long-term developments but we need to also work on short-term opportunities," Cr Strelow said.

"But there's a lot we can work on in this document, and I think we all share the Prime Minister's desire for a bright future for Rockhampton."


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