Bridget O'Shannessy entertains the crowd
Bridget O'Shannessy entertains the crowd Nev Madsen

Toowoomba residents enjoy some country fun at PBR event

THERE was some good old country fun to be had at the recent PBR Australia All Star Challenge.

PBR Australia's Jackie Dunn said the bull-riding competition was really good.

"The bulls did really well," she said.

"(But) the riding was good the other night. The guys are coming into some form."

Mr Dunn said the All Star Challenge was an annual PBR event in Toowoomba and he was thrilled with the level of support show.,

"We enjoy bringing the series to Toowoomba," she said.

New South Wales rider Nathan Burtenshaw won the competition, with a score of 82 in the preliminary round and an 83 in the championship round.

The challenge was held at the Clive Berghofer Stadium on October 3.

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