Prison cell fire at Grafton jail

A FIRE in a cell at Grafton jail has injured at least one prison officer and three inmates.

Emergency services personnel flocked to the jail about 1.30pm yesterday when an automatic alarm triggered the jail's automatic watering system.

At least two people were taken from the scene by road in ambulances and it is believed other people were treated at the scene.

Ambulance officers transporting patients to hospital after a fire yesterday at Grafton Jail. photo: tim howard
Ambulance officers transporting patients to hospital after a fire yesterday at Grafton Jail. photo: tim howard

  Grafton Fire Brigade station officer Col Drayton said prison guards had extinguished the fire in the cell, but there were at least nine people - three prisoners and six prison officers - requiring assistance from ambulance officers.  

"Two of them at least had been taken away by ambulance before we got here," Mr Drayton said.

He said an automatic alarm notified Grafton Fire Station there was a fire at the jail.

"We received a confirmation call from the jail soon after," he said.

"On arrival the 306 deputy captain called additional resources, our HAZMAT vehicle, because it was a fire," he said.

"The fire had been extinguished. The brigade's job then was to make sure it had been extinguished, test the air quality and work with the guards to reinstate their sprinkler system, which had been activated.

"There were a number of people transported to hospital. A mixture of inmates and guards."

Less than an hour after the fire brigade left the jail, they were back again.

Grafton Fire and Rescue received a second call to the prison shortly after they left and handed the scene back to prison authorities.

"We received a second call to the Grafton jail that was actually near the rear section, in the more modern section of jail," Mr Drayton said after responding to the incident.

"It was caused by the actions of the inmates.

"It was only a matter of the fire fighters checking the cause and resetting the fire panel," he said.

Corrective Services NSW congratulated staff who it said quickly responded and safely assisted inmates after a fire in a cell at the Grafton Correctional Centre about 1.30pm this afternoon.

A press release said one correctional officer and three inmates had been taken to hospital following smoke inhalation.

"I commend staff for their prompt and effective action," Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin said.

The fire is being investigated by Corrective Services NSW and NSW Fire and Rescue.  

Ambulance vehicles outside Grafton jail after an incident in the prison this afternoon.
Ambulance vehicles outside Grafton jail after an incident in the prison this afternoon. Tim Howard

EARLIER, 3.45PM: It is understood a second fire has broken out at Grafton jail with fire brigade trucks returning to the location within an hour of the first event.

A number of inmates and staff were affected by smoke from the initial fire which occurred in a prison cell.

EARLIER: AN INCIDENT has occurred at the Grafton jail this afternoon, with paramedics and other emergency service personnel attending.

There are unconfirmed reports of a fire in the facility, with a number of prisoners and staff affected by smoke. It appears the fire has been extinguished by the internal sprinkler system.

Stretchers have been seen being taken into the jail.

Updates to come...

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