Released rapist told to stay off drugs, get help

A psychiatrist previously said substance abuse and personality disorders indicated a 'moderate to high' risk of re-offending.
A psychiatrist previously said substance abuse and personality disorders indicated a 'moderate to high' risk of re-offending. Tim Evanson

A RAPIST diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder has been released on supervision and told to avoid drugs and booze.

A new five-year supervision order has been imposed on Ipswich man Neilson Harold Dooley, who got a girl aged 14 drunk and raped her as she slept.

In a new judgment published on Friday, Justice Sue Brown said Dooley, 36, had a long history of property, drug and traffic offences, but not sex offences.

Dooley had been on an interim supervision order but that was revoked.

Justice Brown considered input from psychiatrists, two of whom diagnosed Dooley with PTSD.

One psychiatrist said Dooley was "an impulsive man who enjoys breaking the law and drawing attention to himself, in violent and non-violent ways.”

Justice Brown had to decide if Dooley was a serious danger to the community, and if so, whether he should be locked up indefinitely or released under supervision.

"I do not consider that adequate protection of the community could be ensured without a supervision order,” Justice Brown said in the new order.

She said any order would have to include a ban on Dooley taking alcohol or drugs.

Dooley would also have to get psychiatric treatment and see a forensic psychologist.

And random breath alcohol testing and urine drug scans would also be needed.

Justice Brown decide the order would be for at least five years.

She said any order would have to require Dooley to disclose any visits to schools, child care centres, parks or any club or facility where children were present.

Justice Brown said the Attorney-General may apply for a further supervision order.

An earlier judgment outlined Dooley's abusive, unstable, drug-addled and promiscuous upbringing.

Dooley raped the teenage girl in 2011.

In 2013, he pleaded guilty to the rape and to three counts of indecently treating children aged under 16.

In 2015 his parole bid was denied with the parole board saying his risk to the community was too high.

In jail, Dooley finished courses including a High Intensity Sexual Offending Program. -NewsRegional

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