Rebels hunter with 'abduction kit' refused bail

A MAN dubbed a "Rebels hunter" after he was caught with a gun, cable ties, a knife and two photographs of Rebels gang members has been ordered to remain behind bars.

Benjamin Skey Black was charged with a string of offences after police on the Sunshine Coast in April allegedly discovered he had an "abduction kit" containing an ice pick, a knuckle duster, green tape, a handgun, ammunition, cable ties, a knife, two photographs of Rebels members and drugs .

He has admitted to once being a Lone Wolf motorcycle gang member but Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Thursday he had not been associated with them for about three years.

The court heard he had the letters "LW" tattooed on his face in February this year but Mr Black claimed this was related to his business and stood for "last wish", not the Lone Wolf gang.

Police also found a Lone Wolf ring and baseball cap in his possession.

Mr Black's lawyer Simon Lewis said these items were memorabilia from his days in the club.

Mr Lewis said Mr Black had been in jail for about five months and argued he could be in there for a long time until police pushed ahead with the case.

He also said there was a lack of evidence linking Mr Black to the gun and no evidence showed his client planned to harm the two photographed Rebels members.

If released he said Mr Black would live at Burleigh Waters and that a friend had offered $20,000 surety.

But Justice John Bond said it was too risky.

"The applicant has a criminal history which plainly demonstrates that he's a violent man," he said.

"Although it's true that he has not previously breached bail conditions … there is a significant risk to the safety of the community if the applicant is released on bail."

Justice Bond said Mr Black was at risk of reoffending and refused his bail application.


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