Rainbow beach still 'living the dream' despite sinkhole

A large sink hole has swallowed a large chunk of the camping area on Inskip Point, taking with it a caravan, camper trailer and one vehicle.
A large sink hole has swallowed a large chunk of the camping area on Inskip Point, taking with it a caravan, camper trailer and one vehicle. Che Chapman

SINKHOLE or not, Rainbow Beach shopkeeper Ruth Modin says the town and its fabulous camping areas still provide all the makings of the best and safest holiday on earth.

She says the town and its visitors need to think of the sinkhole as an adventure, not a threat.

"Rainbow Beach is open for camping and we're hoping many, many people will come out and visit us and keep the dream alive," she said.

Inskip Sinkhole 2015

All we can say is WOW!!! A dashcam view from the midst of the sinkhole yesterday at Inskip QLD

Posted by Clayton's Towing on Sunday, September 27, 2015

"It's just one small area and it's happened many times before.

"It's never caused any injury.

"These things happen all over the world.

"We hate the media sensationalising this because there was no loss of life.

"How many people lost their lives on the roads yesterday?

"When you see the happy looks on the kids' faces from what a wonderful holiday they've had, that's a very important part of life.

"It's a small hiccup and these things happen. It's a mother nature thing," she said.

SINKHOLES may come and go on the Fraser Island side of the Inskip Peninsula, but life goes on and so do the holidays, Gympie region mayor Mick Curran says.

"I'm standing on the beach looking at a sinkhole," he said. "Eight campsites were affected and 300 campsites have been evacuated as a precaution.

"What may be getting lost in all this is that they still have about 2500 campsites next to the water and completely safe," he said.

"The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is quite rightly being cautious about people camping near the sinkhole.

"But they can accommodate 2750 campsites here and there are 300 people evacuated from about half that many sites.

"There is still plenty of room for camping and plenty of people doing just that.

"They've had geotechnical engineers down here today doing an assessment.

"They tell me this is the 6th similar event in 24 years.

"It's mother nature doing her thing. The body of water between here and Fraser Island continues to move and the northern side of the beach will always be vulnerable."

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