Queenslanders can now order clownfish birth certificates

CLOWNFISH will feature on the latest Queensland birth certificates.

The Great Barrier Reef anemone fish, made most famous in the children's movie Finding Nemo, and the Cooktown orchid, Queensland's floral emblem, are among a range of new commemorative certificates that can now be ordered.

Registrar-General David John said Queenslanders were well known for the pride they had in the state where they were born and they loved to show it.

"The birth of a child is a major milestone in anyone's life and these distinctive commemorative certificates can provide a lasting memento of such a significant occasion for parents, grandparents or other relatives," he said.

Mr John said these iconic symbols were now available alongside the Queensland Maroons commemorative birth certificate released last year.

"The Maroons Chevron certificate design the public voted for last year has proved quite popular and would make a fantastic keepsake for any proud Queenslander, not only die-hard rugby league fans," he said.

"The certificates are not just for newborns, people can buy them for anyone born or adopted in Queensland."

Information on how to order is at http://www.qld.gov.au/bdm.


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