SEEKING SUPPORT:Athletes Foot owner Alison Healy measures the foot of Farren Mackelvie in her Caneland Central store.
SEEKING SUPPORT:Athletes Foot owner Alison Healy measures the foot of Farren Mackelvie in her Caneland Central store. Lee Constable

Retailer's price and pain of the online shopping boom

YOU don't have to speak to Daniel Healy for long to realise he loves his business and the Mackay community.

The Athlete's Foot owner has fitted shoes that have put people in the right stride to start training for their first half marathon, lose 20kgs or recover from serious injury.

While his zest for selling the correct shoes to the correct feet is palpable, many of the people who walk through his doors never intend to spend money in his shop.

"I have seen our girls give excellent customer service, spend 30 minutes with them and at the end the customer will say 'can you write all of this down for me'," he said.

"And you know they just want the model number and serial number to buy the shoes online.

"It would happen daily."

However, Mr Healy says he understands people will "shop around" and some will chose to buy online.

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It's certainly not going to stop him from offering good service.

All he wants is a level playing field.

All imports that are worth less than $1000 are sold tax free.

This means his online competitors can sell goods for a reduced price.

"For us to maintain business we need to sell our stock. We cannot stay in business if we become a destination for people to educate themselves to buy from another country."

"We welcome competition but it should be on the same level and it should be giving back to Australia as we do with GST."

Mr Healy was proud to rattle off a list of the Mackay charities and sporting clubs his business supports.

"All small businesses give back, they do it because their families live in the community," he said.

"But for a business to donate to a charity your books have to be in the black, not in the red."

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What business in Mackay has customer service that's worth paying for?

Posted by Daily Mercury on Monday, July 20, 2015


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