Lachlan Smart in Las Vegas.
Lachlan Smart in Las Vegas. Kathy Sundstrom

Postcards from UK as Lachlan Smart heads off again

NAMBOUR teenager Lachlan Smart is preparing to head off on his record-breaking round-the-world in 10 weeks trip again.

Lachlan has been enjoying an 11-day break from flying in the United Kingdom.

But he is preparing to depart from Biggin Hill Airport this Saturday to begin the second half of his journey which could see him become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the world solo in a single-engine aircraft.

The next stop on Lachlan's trip back to Australia is scheduled to be in Cannes, France, before heading to Greece.

So far the 18-year-old pilot has navigated his way across the Pacific Ocean, via Fiji, Pago Pago, Kiribati and Hawaii.

Then he went north through America to Canada before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the London, via Azores.

Since departing the Sunshine Coast one month ago, he has claimed the title of youngest person to fly solo over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

He has also received a hero's welcome and the red carpet treatment in some destinations and had the chance to fly over the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

And the Sunshine Coast has been behind him, cheering him on all the way.

Cooroy Outside School Hours Care has posted greetings on his wingsaroundtheworld website.

Lachlan will also make himself available to answer Facebook questions about his trip in a live Q&A from 8pm this Sunday.

He was greeted by his extended family when arriving in London and then had the chance to catch up with his dad, William, who arrived a day later to join the family reunion.

The next stretch of Lachlan's journey promises to be more challenging as he will face language barriers and an array of cultural differences as he makes his way back to the Southern Hemisphere.

To learn more about Lachlan's epic journey and how to get involved in the Q&A, visit

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