POLLS: Two parties now 50-50 following leadership change

THERE has been an immediate bounce in the polls for the Coalition since Malcolm Turnbull took over the top job following a leadership coup earlier this week.

The government and opposition are now neck-and-neck on 50-50 on a two-party preferred basis in the first poll following the leadership change.

Labor was comfortably ahead 53% to 47% less than two weeks ago.

The ReachTEL poll of 3278 people across the nation on Wednesday night showed primary support for the Liberal Party at 39.3% and Labor at 35.9%.

The poll revealed Mr Turnbull comfortably leads Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as preferred prime minister 61.9% to 38.1% - despite being in the job for less than three days.

Mr Shorten said on Thursday a drover's dog could have polled well following two years of Mr Abbott's leadership.

He said he was not too concerned with the poll describing it as a sugar hit.

"Whoever replaced Tony Abbott was going to get a lift in the polls and this was to be expected," he said.

"My concern is of course is what has motivated the Liberals to dump their sitting prime minister unexpectedly on Monday is was it was motivated by their own jobs, and their own concerns about the opinion polls and nothing else."

Palmer United Party's vote continues to plummet with only 0.8% of those surveyed saying they would vote for the fledging party - a far cry from the 5.5% it registered at the last federal election.


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