Pokemon Go: Car hit by distracted driver

A POKEMON Go player was deep in the popular virtual universe when their car was hit from behind, causing some very real damage.

Hervey Bay police said the urge to catch 'em all was allegedly too strong for one driver on Saturday at 6.30am when they pulled over on Doolong South Rd near Fraser Coast Anglican College before getting out to catch a Pokemon as part of the popular game.

While they were out of the car, a second driver became distracted by the gamer's "unusual behaviour" and collided with the parked car.

"The second driver was driving past and saw some strange behaviour displayed by driver A," Hervey Bay Senior Constable Amit Singh said.

"They tried to look at what driver A was doing, lost concentration and ploughed into the back of their car."

Snr Const Singh said the Pokemon trainer's car was damaged significantly.

No injuries were reported.

In Pokemon Go, players are drawn to certain landmarks where the game allows them to lure wild Pokemon or battle for control of the area.

Snr Const Singh said the incident was a reminder for gamers and other people to be mindful of their behaviour when it came to catching the virtual monsters.

"A lot of people don't understand the behaviour so just be careful, don't just park anywhere," he warned.

"Practice safety and common sense."

Since its launch last week Pokemon Go has become one of the most successful mobile phone apps of all time, attracting tens of millions of daily players.

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