Perhaps the most beautiful birth photo ever taken

THERE'S something about a birth photo that always gives me goosebumps.

That moment - the moment between the womb and the world, before anyone has a chance to be self-aware -  is so heavy with emotion and anticipation that when a photographer manages to capture it I'm almost always left breathless.

If you're like me, get ready to lose your breath, because we may just have found the birth photo to rule them all.

We wrote a few days ago about the growing trend of clear drapes for C-sections, but this image of a birth in a glass-bottomed tub has us absolutely gobsmacked.

"I absolutely love this shot from yesterday's water birth I photographed," captioned photographer Marijke Thoen on the image she posted to Instagram, "Big sister meets baby brother."

Image: Marijke Thoen.
Image: Marijke Thoen.

Have you ever seen something so amazing?

There is something so profound about the fact that this baby's big sister is the first one to be able to look into his eyes - even before he gets up to Mum's chest.

It's almost as though she's sharing a private sibling moment with her new bestie, and the knowing, calm look on her face has me welling up again all over.

When it comes to capturing that very first moment of life outside the womb,  I don't think I've seen another picture quite so magical.

Marijke posted another photo from the shoot on her Instagram page, this time a close up of the newborn in his glass tub.

"Welcome little one!" she captioned the image, and I don't know about you but I'm totally onboard with every birth centre in the world making their pools transparent.

If a midwife gave me the choice of giving birth in a boring old bathtub or suspending myself, Cirque du Soleil-style in a see-through tub to give birth like a rock-star, I know which one I'd choose.

To see more of Marijke Thoen's stunning work, visit her website.

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