Did you find $500 at the ATM? It belongs to a 90-year-old

A 90-YEAR-OLD man is still hopeful of finding his month's money, after accidentally leaving $500 in a Montville ATM.

The man and his daughter, who asked to remain anonymous due to embarrassment, were in the village last Thursday, running errands, when he asked her to teach him how to use the automatic teller machine.

"I stood by while dad went through the process of withdrawing cash," the woman said.

"In the last few seconds, I turned away in my haste to make our way home to a very sick daughter."

It wasn't until the early hours of the following morning that the penny dropped.

The man suddenly awoke with the realisation he had forgotten to take his money.

"He went to his wallet, his card was there, but his wallet was empty," his daughter said.

The man lives with his daughter, who is also a pensioner and carer of her husband and teenage grand-daughter.

The $500 he was withdrawing was to cover living expenses for the next month.

"It's not going to break us, but it's going to hurt. We'll feel it," his daughter said.

"He's just embarrassed.

"He's 90, he doesn't have dementia, but it suddenly made him think 'Did I have a blackout for a moment?'

"We all do it, but when it's $500 sitting there, it's an awful feeling."

The woman said anyone could have seen the money and taken it.

"He realised he has to wear it and it's an expensive lesson," she said.

"But I just want people to stop and think. If there's money sticking out of an ATM, it does belong to someone else."

The woman went to the Montville Village newsagency, next to the ATM, to see if anyone had handed the money in.

"Many times the next person to the teller machine will take money into the newsagent where it is invariably claimed quite quickly," she said.

"This was not the case for us."

The incident has scared her dad off using ATMs.

"He'll be very nervous having to do it. We won't let him do it unaccompanied."

Montville Village News owner Norelle Weight said it wasn't common for money to be left behind, but when money was handed in, it was usually hundreds of dollars.

"We've had a significant number of wallets handed in, with quite a lot of money in them," she said.

"It's always nice to give it back."

Mrs Weight said the man's $500 wasn't handed in, but she would check their security cameras.

"If someone has taken it, this might give them a prick of conscience."

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