OPINION: Would you say that in person?

SOME of the nastiest people I have witnessed on social media are ones who are definitely old enough to know better.

We have so many programs in schools aimed at teaching kids about online bullying and proper use of social media, but what about the older generations?

I have often wondered whether the people so judgemental and horrible on Facebook are just like that in person.

When used correctly social media can be a great way to stay in touch, build the profile of your business and watch funny dachshund videos.

The down side of it is, for some people, it removes empathy for others.

There's no doubt people are more willing to say things they would never say in person when they're on Facebook.

Our story about a Urangan restaurant attacked online is a perfect example of the damage improper social media use can have on people's lives and businesses.

For myself, the rule of thumb I have set is if I wouldn't say it in person, why would I say it online. Just last month we saw an example of someone fined $10,000 after being charged with defamation for a derogatory Facebook post they had made.

So next time Facebook asks you what's on your mind, maybe it is best to think twice before you type it.

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