OPINION: letter to those who are 'never' (always) sick

TO the cold zombies,

I can't be the only person sick of being surrounded by sick people.

"Oh it's a real doozy this year," my family, friends and colleagues say, barely containing their oozing phlegm.

"I don't normally get sick but…"

What none of them realise is that they say this every year.

Some of them make this same affirmation every few months.

And yes I realise I am sitting on a very precarious high horse by saying this, but I think people are getting sick more often. And here's why.

It's to do with how they 'deal' with the wicked germs infecting their system.

I once had a friend who used swear by a remedy which relied on alcoholic spirits to 'kill all the bacteria'.

No, just no.

But what really grinds my gears is what I see sick people eat.

Ice creams and thickshakes might seem like a nice salve to your burning throat but really, they are just going to feed your phlegm production.

And I know your brain fog is making it hard to think and walk (and breathe) but your next good meal should not come from a drive through at a fast food chain. You think a big-mac and a milky cup of coffee are going to help you get HEALTHY again? Pah-lease!

So my plea to all you sickies out there: please take your germ ridden bodies out of the vicinities you share with people you don't know intimately.

And for god's sake, eat some fruit and veg.

Yours radiant in health,


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