OPINION: Hey, stop playing power games!

YOU'D think after Brexit, Trump's victory in the United States and the resurrection of One Nation in Australia, the leaders of our major political parties may have got the memo.

Stop squabbling and get on with the job of sorting the major issues impacting everyday Australians' lives.

Let's take energy security, for example.

Most people don't give a tinker's cuss how the lights work, as long as they can keep turning the switch on and off.

Blame renewables, coal fired power plants or privatisation of energy resources all you like, just keep the power on.

I'm heartily sick of the finger pointing across the political divide. And, frankly, I don't care whether Labor or Liberals are to blame for power outages, just fix it. Now!

Surely it can't be that hard to sit down and come up with a national energy plan that delivers safe, reliable and affordable electricity to everyone.

Even if it is hard, it's your job as our elected representatives to sort it on our behalf.

After all, governments of every hue and generation has flogged off state-onwed electricity assets and raised billions of dollars.

Why wasn't it spent ensuring Australians don't have to suffer blackouts?

Energy security, food security, border security, water security.

If we can't guarantee these basic essentials we can't hope to become the clever country everyone wants us to be.

May as well go live in a cave and light a fire otherwise.

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