Nurse charged over drunken city nightclub tantrum

A NURSE who threw a 2am drunken tantrum outside an Ipswich nightclub told police she'd refuse to treat them at hospital.

The nurse went before Ipswich Magistrates Court to face charges but no explanation was given as to what sparked her behaviour.

The court heard she'd led a relatively blameless life with no prior offences.

Erin Vale, 34, from Leichhardt, pleaded guilty to causing public nuisance in the vicinity of licensed premises at Johnny Ringo's country rock saloon at 2.20am on Sunday, March 11; and two counts of assaulting/obstructing police.

Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly said the incident took place in the Safe Night Precinct when police saw a security officer speaking to a woman. She was seen to throw a punch at the security officer then begin screaming, calling him "a poofta".

Police intervened, tried to calm her and took her to a police car but Sgt Donnelly said she refused multiple times to sit in the back seat.

"She says she was a nurse at the hospital and would refuse to treat police staff," he said.

"She attempted to bite a police officer on the hand."

Sgt Donnelly said her behaviour was violent, she continued to yell, swear and verbally abuse onlookers.

Vale was taken to the police watch-house and for her safety put in a padded cell.

Sgt Donnelly said the security officer did not make an official complaint.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said the incident was clearly out of character.

"Her recollection is not entirely 100 per cent as she was affected by alcohol but recognises this was no excuse," he said.

"The actions by police trying to restrain her led to significant injuries."

Magistrate Louisa Pink ordered Vale to complete 50 hours of unpaid community service work. A conviction was not recorded.

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