LETTER: Burnt bums a not-so-fun side effect of nudity

A CLOTHES optional beach in the Bundaberg region, what a liberating idea. But there are drawbacks.

As a dinghy fisherman in the Top End I worked in Stubbies only and tanned almost all over.

Then in 1990 I sailed a catamaran from Brisbane to Darwin.

Off Gladstone it occurred to me that five miles off-shore I could tan all over without offending any one and cast aside my trusty Stubbies.

In less than a day's sunlight my nether regions were so sunburnt that for several days I could neither sit nor move without pain in the bottom.

I haven't sunbaked in the nude since.



Have you ever sunbaked in the nude?

This poll ended on 29 September 2015.

Current Results

Yes, do it all the time


Once or twice


Never, but I'd love to


No way, that's gross!


Only partially


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