Noosa snake catcher's chilling warning to pet owners

Noosa snake catcher Luke Huntley with a carpet python.
Noosa snake catcher Luke Huntley with a carpet python. Contributed

NOOSA snake catcher Luke Huntley has released a chilling video of a carpet python killing a cat.

He posted the rather graphic video to Facebook with the cat owner's permission in order to educate and warn people of the dangers of carpet pythons.

The python was found underneath a car in Lake MacDonald.

Mr Huntley stressed that he took the cat off the python as it would have regurgitated the animal up regardless. 

It also allows the family to bury their pet. 

"To everyone who thinks carpet pythons are harmless and can't kill or eat your pets, yes they can," he wrote.

"Here is proof. I have been criticised for warning people of the dangers that a carpet python can pose to your small pets.

"They are only doing what what is natural to them. They can't tell the difference between a possum and a cat. So keep them inside.

"Normally a python is fine. But if you have small pets then there is a risk." 

Mr Huntley urged the community to keep their pets inside for their sake and the local wildlife. 

"If people keep their cats inside not only to keep them safe but it helps protect our beautiful wildlife," he added. 

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