Bomber Accused Trial

Nervous wait for men accused of making golf ball bomb

A PAIR of accused bomb-makers face a nervous wait as a jury deliberates their fate.

Mark Antony Tear, 39, and Glenn Charles Dell, 45, have pleaded not guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to a teenager who had his hands blown apart by a homemade golf ball bomb in May 2013.

At Ipswich District Court today, the jury retired to consider their verdict after a 10-day trail.

Both Mr Dell and Mr Tear were charged with the offence in July, 2013, after another bomb detonated at a West Ipswich house the pair were residing in.

During a search of the house, police found a stockpile of an explosive chemical called Triacetone Triperoxide - also known as TATP.

The same chemical was used in the golf ball bomb, which was allegedly found by a friend of the victim in a street in Leichhardt.

Judge Sarah Bradley gave a summary of the evidence at the court this morning before the jury was sent to deliberate.

Judge Bradley said the prosecution had argued Mr Tear and Mr Dell had the golf ball device under their control and failed in their duty to use reasonable care in respect to it.

She told the jury they had to be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused men were criminally responsible for the injuries suffered by the victim.

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