Navigating the pitfalls of learning at home

Parents, teachers and students are navigating a new way of teaching and learning, with the transition to online learning during the coronavirus crisis.

University of Southern Queensland Associate Professor Petrea Redmond said several issues must be tackled to ensure online learning was successful.

“Some students do not have access to technology or the internet, and that could be because there are now multiple family members studying and working from home,” Ms Redmond said.

“Another issue at the moment is that a lot of people are experiencing connectivity issues with the internet.

“In order to solve this issue, some principals are having phone-ins with students as opposed to using online platforms.”

Ms Redmond said classrooms in certain communities now had a percentage of children being taught online and in class.

She said anxiety and frustration could be high with more home schooling.

Ms Redmond said the key was to take matters one day at a time.

“Teaching and learning and even living are quite dynamic at the moment,” Ms Redmond said.

“Education in schools and higher education has had to adjust very quickly.

“There are many places providing support for parents and students.

“All parents need to be concerned about for the time being is the safety and wellbeing of their child.”

Ms Redmond said it was important for everyone to understand that the learning process would be drastically different in the coming months.

“I think parents need to be forgiving of themselves, their students and the teachers,” Ms Redmond said.

“Mistakes are going to be made and everyone has kind of been thrust into this without any training; we’ve tried doing it in a really short space of time, so no one is an expert.”

Ms Redmond said there were some great free resources for parents to take advantage of.

“There are virtual tours parents can use to make the learning experiencing more engaging,” she said.

“Interactive things like zoo live feeds are happening.

“This is a good time to teach children other things about life as well, like how to cook, how to clean and change a tyre on a car – educate them on life skills they need as well.”

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