Mystery boat still at large near Cape Manifold on Cap Coast

A MYSTERY vessel has disappeared off the Capricorn Coast, after a search was launched yesterday afternoon. 

Shortly before 2pm, Yeppoon Coast Guard received a radio report from a yacht, Nyalindee, heading north that a 12 foot boat, painted white, was floating bow up, partly submerged, about one mile from the island at Cape Manifold, 30 miles north of Yeppoon. 

The yacht reported that the boat which could not be identified, was in good condition and did not appear to have been in the water for a long period.

The skipper of the Nyalindee reported that he spotted the vessel not far from where he was sailing and turned course to investigate.

"Not long before I spotted the upturned boat, a three level Super yacht sped past my vessel at a distance and, by the way it was chopping through the bigger swells I'm sure it has been dislodged from off the back," he said. 

Yeppoon Coastguard said there was concern that the boat may have capsized before the occupants had been able to call for help and that the occupants could still be in the water. 

The Police were advised and the Coast Guard rescue vessel, 'Gormans Removals Rescue' departed Rosslyn Bay at 2.23pm.

The Police Search and Rescue Co-ordinator requested assistance from the RACQ Capricorn Rescue Helicopter and the Coast Guard also requested assistance from residents at Stockyard Point who offered to search the beach between Stockyard Point and Cape Manifold in case anyone had reached shore.

The RACQ Capricorn Helicopter conducted an aerial search for about an hour before last light but failed to spot anything. 'Gormans Removals Rescue' returned to Rosslyn Bay at 6.23pm

There have been no reports of a missing boat or people off the Capricorn Coast in the past 24 hours.

Anyone with news of a missing boat is requested to call the Coast Guard or the Police.

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