OPINION: My remote control days may be over

AS a preface to this column let me say I will not be putting today's copy of the QT on the home breakfast table for my wife to read.

I have been warned time and again by the girls at home that they don't talk to the press (me) and they don't want to be named in this comment piece.

Yes, I just can't help myself.

My issue this morning is addressed to all men, or women, who find that holding the remote control is an essential part of television watching.

I made the mistake of going away by myself for a week which meant the wife and daughter reclaimed my remote control.

It took me a good day to get it back and I have managed to keep possession, but the pressure is mounting.

On Wednesday night I was told I had to now share the remote control and further I was asked what nights I would like.

I fear without the controls I will no longer be able to find out what's on the other 20 channels during the ad breaks.

If anyone has a solution to my impending problem, other than buying a second TV, I would love to hear from you.

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