GIFT OF LIFE: Corbyn with his new baby brother Luca, who was born on the floor of a living room.
GIFT OF LIFE: Corbyn with his new baby brother Luca, who was born on the floor of a living room. Contributed

Mum gives birth on living room floor

"OH S---, the baby's coming."

With those simple words, Luca Ari James was ushered into the world on his mother's living room floor on Thursday afternoon.

It wasn't the birthing plan Tahlia Duignan had in mind.

But from her hospital bed at Bundaberg Hospital on Saturday, the 22-year-old said she wouldn't have had it any other way as she recalled the dramatic events that transpired 48 hours before.

Miss Duignan endured contractions every 10 minutes for almost 24 hours in the lead-up to the birth of her second child.

"I was still able to walk and talk through them all and my mum decided to keep me moving, so we went and shopped around for a few hours before coming home," Miss Duignan said.

Once at home on Thursday afternoon, Miss Duignan's mum needed to duck out again and her daughter reassured her that everything was fine.

Her boyfriend, and Luca's father, Len, arrived soon after and that's when the contractions started to get more intense.

Then another powerful contraction hit, leaving a gasping Miss Duignan sprawled on her back on her living room floor.

Her now shocked boyfriend began packing a hospital bag and called his own mum to come and pick up Miss Duignan's five-year-old son Corbyn, who was watching the unplanned incident unfold in front him.

"By the time Mum got back I was on my back in absolute pain. I couldn't move," Miss Duignan said.

"She noticed my legs were shaking with each contraction."

Her boyfriend called the paramedics, who arrived promptly shortly before 4pm.

"I wasn't pushing yet," Miss Duignan said.

"They (the paramedics) were tossing up whether to put me in the ambulance or not.

"I said 'I can't because I'm in so much pain - he's coming now'."

As the contractions grew stronger, paramedics thought they spotted Luca's head but it was instead an intact water sac, which bobbed on the floor "like a balloon", according to Miss Duignan.

After breaking the sac, and a few more concerted pushes, Miss Duignan gave birth to a healthy son with a flair for dramatic entrances.

Miss Duignan wanted to thank the two paramedics who helped deliver her baby.

"Apparently one of the paramedics had delivered a baby at home a couple of weeks ago," she said.

"Their voices were so calm, they didn't stress, they didn't lose concentration.

"I'm grateful they were there."

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