Mum found with stolen passport, mail

A STOLEN passport and mail were found along with crystal methylamphetamine substances and drug gear found by Ipswich police in the bedroom of convicted drug user Louise Nancy Cavendish.

A silver spoon held white drug residue, Cavendish saying she used it to scoop up (the crystal substance) and eat it.

Cavendish, 33, told Ipswich Magistrates Court she has four kids, and that the stolen passport and mail were left at her North Booval house by a man she knew "only as Shane".

She pleaded guilty to seven offences including possession of methylamphetamine on July 5, 2017; possession of drug utensils; possession of anything used in a drug crime; and unlawful possession of suspected stolen property.

Police prosecutor Bronson Ballard said police searched her bedroom and found drug items such as used clip seal bags that held remnants of white crystal substance, a silver spoon with remnants, .55 grams of white crystalline substance, used straws and two sets of scales.

He said a laptop bag held a man's passport, mail and various documents addressed to a burglary victim. And a notebook held his identification particulars.

Mr Bronson said the man's house had been burgled in February last year.

Cavendish has been engaging with AODS about her drug issues and magistrate Virginia Sturgess placed her on a nine month probation order to allow her to keep engaging in programs that may help her.

She said Cavendish had prior convictions for drug and dishonesty offences.

Ms Sturgess warned Cavendish to keep away from people who steal cars or burgle houses as she could find herself in jail.

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