Drugs haven't doomed Hunt - ratting on his mates has

THE name Karmichael Hunt will be etched in Australian sporting history as a rare athlete to have played three of the four major football codes at the elite level.

But the freakishly talented footballer won't be remembered for his on-field exploits.

Revelations that Hunt had ratted on teammates to save his own bacon may have earned him some favours from Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission, but it has cost him any integrity he had built within the sporting community.

And if ASADA has its way, it could also cost him his career.

The code hopper, who until yesterday had been training with the Wallabies in preparation for the Rugby World Cup, has just finished the first term of a three-year contract with the Reds.

And while his reported $600,000-a season contract is small change compared to what he was paid to be the AFL poster boy on the Gold Coast, it is still a massive pay packet for a mediocre performer.

But right at this moment his rugby teammates won't be querying his football ability.

They will be watching their backs and no doubt thinking "we cannot trust this guy".

Giving up a mate is about an un-Australian as it gets.

Ratting on a bloke who has stood with you, shoulder-to-shoulder on the footy field is, if possible, even worse.

As a teenager I spent six years at boarding school and while I was never a whiz in the classroom, one thing I did learn was that 'dobbing' was regarded as being as low as you could go.

Stealing from fellow boarders was on the same line of despicable acts.

What Karmichael Hunt does in his personal life is his business.

He isn't the first high-profile athlete to use illicit drugs and he won't be the last.

But as far as the Australian football codes are concerned, he is the lone wolf to squeal on his mates in a bid to save his own skin.

And while he may have sidestepped four charges of supplying drugs, he has not saved any face.

Commentators and former players in rugby and the AFL have opened fire on him and no doubt his name in NRL circles is also now mud.

It's just as well he took the money and ran off to the AFL in 2009 because that money - now - is about all he has.

No respect, no credibility, no sponsors and, I suspect, no footy friends that will ever trust him again.

Mahatma Gandhi once said "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed".

Obviously those advisors who encouraged Karmichael Hunt to 'challenge himself' in other codes did not mention the trappings of that ugly word.

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