Mitsubishi recalls half a million cars: Here's the list

Mitsubishi is having to recall a massive range of its cars due to potential safety concerns
Mitsubishi is having to recall a massive range of its cars due to potential safety concerns

SAFETY fears have forced Mitsubishi to recall almost every one of its models sold in the past 10 years.

They include some of the Japanese car company's most popular models including the Triton, Lancer, Pajero, Colt and even its super-sporting Lancer Evolution and Ralliart.

The massive recall was released earlier this week in nine separate alerts released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Ralliart have a parking brake cable that "may interfere with the fuel tank".

The electrics in the turn signals of some vehicles can wear out, which means they can stop working.

This issue affects the Pajero, Triton, Outlander, Lancer and Challenger models.

Perhaps the most concerning is the issue affecting Mitsubishi's technologically advanced electric car the i-MiEV.

An issue with one of the control panels in the car can mean "the circuit voltage may become unstable, causing the malfunction lamp to illuminate and activating the fail-safe control mode restricting the driving motor power".

If this happens, the motor could lose power "which could potentially cause an accident".

Meanwhile Toyota has recalled an estimated 324,000 vehicles because of the risk that a crack may develop in the car's fuel suction plate, which could cause a leak when the car has a full tank of petrol.

"If this occurs, the crack could expand over time and fuel may eventually leak when the vehicle has a full tank of petrol. Fuel or fuel vapour in the presence of an ignition source could increase the risk of a vehicle fire," Toyota said.

Mitsubishi has not made a formal statement on the recall, except to say: "all customers will be contacted directly to go to preferred dealer to have the vehicle inspected and rectified if necessary".

It has also released details on how many of each model are affected and how long each problem would take to repair.

See full list below





Lancer Sedan & Sportback




Lancer Evolution + Ralliart


Some vehicles may be recalled for more than one reason.

See the full ACCC list here


Mitsubishi Colt 11MY CVT and Mitsubishi Colt 11MY M/T
Affected vehicles: 1,513
Repair at a Mitsubishi dealer will take approx. 2 hours - power steering gear replacement
10MY and 12MY i-MiEV vehicles
Affected vehicles: 237 will require the EV ECU to be reprogrammed, 160 of these 237 require the brake vacuum pump to be replaced
Repair at a Mitsubishi dealer will take approx. 30mins for the reprogramming and approx. 1 hour for the vacuum pump replacement

09-10MY Lancer Sedan, Lancer Sport-back and Outlander
Affected vehicles: 44,585
Inspection and repair at a Mitsubishi dealer will take approx. 1 hour. All vehicles will be inspected and the ETACS ECU will be replaced in vehicles with ECU component date codes between 30/09/08 and 30/08/10

16MY ZK Outlander
Affected vehicles: 55
Repair at a Mitsubishi dealer will take approx. 1 hour, the existing vehicle harness will be reworked

PB & PC Challenger
GA & GB i-MiEV
CJ Lancer Sedan & Sportback
ZG & ZH Outlander
NS, NT, NW & NX Pajero
ML & MN Triton

Affected vehicles: As listed on ACCC website, total 383,379
Repair at a Mitsubishi dealer will take approx. 30 mins

14-15MY Lancer Evolution & Ralliart
Affected vehicles: 85 Lancer Evolution 10, 90 Lancer Ralliart
Repair at a Mitsubishi dealer will take approx. 1.5 hours for the park brake replacement. If a new fuel tank is required, then approx. 3 hours for cable and tank

12MY i-MiEV
Affected vehicles: 37
Repair at a Mitsubishi dealer will take approx. 1.5 hours - Motor Control Unit replacement

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